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Tim Possingham has recently finished building his Nissan Skyline R32 GTR in readiness for the Classic Adelaide Rally next week (September 14th-17th). The Event which now has new organiser's will be much similar to the old format although cars up to 1990 are eligable including for the first time 4WD Turbo Car's. Due to low number's in its first year the category is also open to modern car's up to 2002 but they are not eligable to win the Event outright.

Tim has competed in the past 4 Classic Adelaide Events, twice in an RX3 & in a CA18DET-Powered S13 Silvia. He finished outright 4th 2 years in a row & is keen to better that result with a podium finish for the Rally.

The R32 GTR which is sponsored by Xtreme Brakes has been supplied with an upgraded Brake Kit consisting of AP Rotor's & Calipers with Carbone Lorraine RC6 Brake Pads. The GTR to keep within Rally rules is still retaining the Twin Turbo set-up but will see some minor upgrades including Semi-Slick Tyres along with a bit of tuning to ensure every last second can be gained. The Car also has a CAMS-approved Rollcage, VELO Fixed-Bucket seats & Work CR-KAI Emotion wheels wrapped in Kumho Tyres.

Check out the car in action at the Prologue (Qualifying) in the main street of Tanunda next Wednesday (14th).

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